Vellum 2.0 MAC OS X

Vellum 2.0 MAC OS X
Vellum 2.0
Size: 12.09 MB
Vellum 2.0 makes creating a print edition of your book as effortless as creating an ebook.
Select your book’s trim size and Vellum automatically numbers the pages of your book, creates page headers, and performs advanced layout like widow prevention and spread balancing.
You’ll have a professional-grade interior with just a few clicks.
Ready to Publish
Early testers used Vellum 2.0 to publish hundreds of paperback and hardcover books, making use of CreateSpace, IngramSpark, NOOK Press, and KDP’s new paperback option. Here’s what just a few of them had to say:
“I love it so much!”
— Avery Flynn USA Today bestselling author
“Creating a beautiful print book in a few clicks is awesome!”
— Zara Keane USA Today bestselling author
“So easy!”
— Sara Rosett USA Today bestselling author

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Vellum 2.0 MAC OS

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