TexturePacker 4.4.0 MAC OS X

TexturePacker 4.4.0 MAC OS X
TexturePacker 4.4.0 – Creates and optimizes sprite sheets.
Size: 29.06 MB
TexturePacker creates and optimizes sprite sheets for game and web development.
Fully automated sprite sheet packing
Graphical user interface and command line
Image optimizations for 16-bit pixel formats, including dithering
Support for PVR images
High quality scaling algorithms
Direct support for: Cocos2D, Sparrow framework, libgdx, JavaScript/HTML5
Version 4.4.0:
EaselJS: set sprite pivot points using TexturePacker
Flag to disable automatic detection of animation sequences (LibGDX, EaselJS)
Added “Extrude” option to basic settings page
Image viewer can now open pvr.gz (v3) files
Don’t merge smart folders with same name
File dialog problem with double extensions like .pvr.gz (Windows)
Tracer tolerance tooltip
Wrong instruction displayed in “install command line client”
Crash when generating compressed ATF textures with size < 64×64
Simplified windows installer
Fixed status bar in PVR viewer
Icon resolution on Windows
Duplicate recent file entries due to slash / backslash in path
Allow txt file extension for Spine data files (Unity)
OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor

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