ScrollStickies 3.28 MAC OS X

ScrollStickies 3.28 MAC OS X
ScrollStickies 3.28 | Mac OS X | 1.2 MB. An application sticker / post-it with a teleprompter as scrolling text mode!
Let as many colorful, resizable stickies on your desktop with reminders, notes, clippings as you want.
The contents are automatically saved to backup and can be restored at startup.
It includes a very useful teleprompter mode that allows a single line of scrolling text.
functions v1.77
colorful stickers, resizable, scrollable unlimited
teleprompter display mode / text-scrolling a line
All stickers are automatically saved and can be restored with the start of the application.
the font, size, and color can be customized (except teleprompter mode)
UTF8 characters are supported foreign language
each sticker can be put on all floating windows or not
You can change the scroll speed
update v1.90
added option: save the folder can simply be reset from the menu support
color application icon changed
dragonBTV more updated
update v2.05
icon status menu bar is added according to user requests
Hide Dock icon option added according to the request of user characteristics
troubleshoot the scroll speed setting can not be saved when you exit the application.
dragonBTV more updated
Main update v3.00
1: Support Touch Bar MacBook Pro added
2: insert new text pointer flashes inverted color
3: change the sticky mode and scroll simply by double-clicking the sticky head
4: three custom colors are added to the new menu and Color
5: the text color can be changed and saved freely
6: colorful emoji can be included in the text and can be saved
add custom color function Set Preferences
solve the problem, call forwarding position displacement displacement for the first time
all menus are rearranged
Alert restore folder savings modified
added to the car open at the connection point (auto start)
Start new tips for new features in this release
dragonBTV more updated
update v3.02
added feature according to user requests for features: added option: all stickies can be configured to be visible in all desktop spaces


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ScrollStickies 3.28 MAC OS

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