Receipts 1.5.2 MAC OS X

Receipts 1.5.2 MAC OS X
Receipts 1.5.2 | Mac OS X | 20 MB. Invoice management tool that can detect the amount recorded on each invoice and automatically organize entries by supplier or category. Aims to help you manage and organize incoming invoices efficiently: import documents are obtained and the utility will try to detect the amount automatically convert the currency of reference and sort by vendor or category.
Recognizes the gross amount of the invoice date slip, the sales tax declared, currency and data automatically bank account and, therefore, allows the user busy accelerate their management of incoming.
Sort out
Intelligent Character Recognition automatically identifies registered providers once, and therefore is able to capture recurring documents correctly and assign them to the correct category.
Apart from bar charts and pie talks on the dashboard giving a quick glance at the expense periods, suppliers and categories, the export feature lets you analyze the data recorded individually and improve your tax return.
Automated Import
A request searches at each start and imported into new, and then automatically imported folders. Unopened you can make your presentation as usual.
Currency Conversion
Income amounts that are not in the standard currency will be automatically converted to the daily rate of the date of issuance. Therefore, all amounts are always listed in the standard currency and offer a real description of expenditure.
What’s new
A new icon indicates that import duplicates in the list of “recent import” found. To reveal the ignored file use the context menu option “Show in Finder file ignored”. More information: German / English
Payment status:
Unpaid list now displays the number of days from the invoice date. In addition, the icon turns orange after 10 days and red after 14 days.
Import and export:
It added a new CSV export option. More information: German / English
The list of “recent import” can be adjusted via the context menu. More information: German / English
Repair: Stars visually turned
Solution: location problem around the zoom menu entries

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Receipts 1.5.2 MAC OS

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