RapidWeaver 7.4.1 MAC OS X

RapidWeaver 7.4.1 MAC OS X
Realmac RapidWeaver 7.4.1 | Mac OS X | 90.7 Mb. Thanks to its WYSIWYG editor Rapidweaver 6 is one of the best options when creating web pages without knowing HTML and CSS language.
Before going into details, I would like to clarify that this application is, what it can do and whom it is addressed. As I said earlier, Rapidweaver is an intermediate solution for creating web pages, so you have to offer an advanced tools accessible. To do this rather than using the HTML code, Rapidweaver has a “WYSIWYG” editor or what is the same , “What you see is what you get” (What you see is what you get). Thus, anyone who knows handled freely by Pages, Numbers or Keynote (or their equivalents Office) can create your own website. And thanks to extensions that have created some developers can create dynamic websites and even blogs.
As expected after the arrival of Yosemite, Rapidweaver 6 features a new design. As in most applications that have adapted so far to OS X 10.10, Realmac has chosen to maintain the same structure as in the previous version and apply a layer of paint on top. Thus we find a version Rapidweaver without being radically different (something that users appreciate so far) conveys a completely different feeling.
Finally, Realmac has also included several features specially designed for more advanced users. I personally appreciate you finally can use the Markdown language, which Rapidweaver itself is responsible for transforming HTML. It is also a great detail now websites can be displayed in different screen sizes thanks to the responsive previews. Finally he ended up having to post to see the changes on iPhone or iPad. Although undoubtedly the jewel in the crown is the ability to add HTML code snippets, CSS or javascript throughout the web pages without having to include multiple times the same fragments.


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