Juno Editor 2.2 MAC OS X

Juno Editor 2.2 MAC OS X
Juno Editor 2.2 – Roland Juno 106 and MKS7 Librarian.
Size: 14.72 MB
Juno Editor is a preset editor and library for the Roland Juno 106 and MKS7 Synthesizers. Save, organize and edit presets via a simple MIDI connection.
Presets can be created from scratch or received from the synthesizer’s inner memory, and are stored as .jep documents or .syx files (sysex) on your hard drive.
Presets as Files: Perfect for sharing or backup !
Keyboard Playback
Undo Support
Quick Search
Retina Display Ready Interface
MIDI Out and Channel are directly customizable in the main window
Compatible with the Roland MKS7
Version 2.2:
The open source “MIKMIDI” framework from Mixed In Key is now powering Juno Editor’s MIDI engine.
New “Auto Arm” Preference: Automatically start recording when a new preset is created.
Added the ability to record MIDI from Any Source. No need to specify the incoming MIDI device anymore.
Added error logs when receiving faulty SysEx Messages.
Enhanced MIDI Reconnection logic, that allows reconnecting to a previously selected device after launch.
Fixed a very old issue that prevented some users from receiving any data from the syntheziser.
Fixed MIDI notes getting stuck while dragging faders
OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor

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