App Pier 1.6 MAC OS X

App Pier 1.6 MAC OS X
App Pier 1.6 | Mac OS X | 6.0 MB. App Pier is a pitcher-friendly applications with keyboard and a switch support Touch Bar for the new Macbook Pro.
With App Pier, can save space on the screen hiding the Dock MacOS since App Pier will allow you to perform many of the tasks using the keyboard shortcuts. He resides in the menu bar so you can arrive at any time even another application is in full screen mode.
In addition, you can keep the app in App Pier and rearrange to your liking and thus can create muscle memory on the keyboard when used with Touch Bar. The application buttons are always in the same position.
You can open the application with the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Option + Tab.
You can select an application simply start typing its name. Even the first letter is sufficient most cases to select the application. When selected, you can press
* Return to start the application
* Option + H to toggle hide / show
* Option + K to keep / remove from the base.
(You can also use the keyboard keys up / down to select)
The application list also allows use drag and drop with the mouse / trackpad to rearrange or remove the application.

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App Pier 1.6 MAC OS

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