A smart band is much more useful than a smartwatch. This phrase does not say much, but for some modern people, such bands have become an integral part of life. An inexpensive and lightweight wrist-mounted gadget that can monitor the health of the wearer and his workouts, and then analyze the information collected and give hints on where to go next. Convenient for those who want to keep fit, isn’t it?

Well, choosing a smart band isn’t that easy. For many, it all comes down to design – in many cases it is still a fashion accessory, just like a watch. We will not discuss the design – this is taste, but what exactly this or that band can do is worth talking about.

In the next section of this material, we will talk about all the important features and parameters of smart bands like Huawei band which are literally eye-opening for the tech geeks out there:

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One of the main functions of any band or smartwatch is displaying and working with notifications that come from a smartphone in your pocket. Whether it’s a call, SMS or a message on a social network, the task of the band is for the owner to notice this notification.

But not all models can handle notifications equally well. If calls and text messages are common for everyone, then not everyone knows how to work with social networks. If you constantly monitor Facebook or Twitter (or even just regularly use an electronic calendar), pay attention to the exact specifications of the model you will be buying. The same is the case with weather notifications in the near future – not all devices can warn about an impending thunderstorm.

Another important parameter is the ability to not only show the notification, but also its content. Usually, only expensive bands, for example, from Samsung, can do this. You will have to pay for the convenience!

Vibration motor

Almost all fitness bands are equipped with a vibration motor that will help you not to miss a single notification – this is an inexpensive and extremely effective part. Moreover, some models cannot attract the user’s attention in any other way (for example, by sound). We recommend buying a band without a vibration motor only for those for whom the functionality of sending notifications is not at all important.

Case material and strap

Most cases and straps of smart bands are made from inexpensive, durable and attractive materials – silicone or plastic. Very rare are models with leather (much better suited for smartwatches – this is not the most resistant material), metal (expensive and not very practical) or rubber (durability is not so great).

Silicone and plastic are hypoallergenic (they do not cause any irritation on the skin of most people), they perfectly tolerate water and other liquids hitting the surface, and are also cheap and add very few grams to the mass of the device.

When buying, pay attention to the possibility of changing the strap and adjusting it. It is unlikely that you will have to change it soon, but if you plan to use one band for several years, over time, at least cracks will appear on the strap. Well, the possibility of adjustment will make the use as comfortable as possible.

Moisture protection

As in the case of the vibration motor, almost all models of smart bands are reliably protected from moisture – this is one of their key characteristics. The band is not afraid of rain, sweat, or (often) even immersion in water when swimming. On the contrary, it is designed for use in harsh conditions.


A set of various sensors is one of the key characteristics of any band. How accurately a device can track a user’s workouts and whereabouts largely determine its value.

Many models have a built-in heart rate monitor – perhaps this is a basic function that should be based on. Heart rate is one of the main indicators of human health, and a heart rate band will help you quickly find out how successful and useful your workout was. However, not all models can continuously measure the heart rate – usually, to measure, you need to give a specific command and wait for a little.


Some smart bands can last for weeks without recharging, others only for a few days. Naturally, we are talking about standby mode, in which the device does not actively monitor the owner’s performance. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the parameter that shows the operating time in active mode. The number of hours that a battery can provide in this mode is not indicated by all manufacturers, but usually, this time will be enough for any sports workout, so you should only worry if you are a professional athlete.

The charging method should be mentioned separately. It will be better if it is wireless charging (rare and expensive) or a standard (micro) USB port. Proprietary ports and memory will make themselves felt if your charger suddenly breaks down – it will not be so easy to find a replacement.


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