In this era dominated by technology, every company is now a software company. Regardless of their size and industry, each company has a digital product. Some already have a website and applications while others are considering the latter. Even a cable company has both these digital products. Take Spectrum for instance. They sell their services and display Spectrum deals through their website, and let their customers use their services through the secure app. 

Nevertheless, every organization is dependent on one application or another and if it’s insecure, it puts your business at risk as well. Traditional security defenses are proving inadequate in the current environment. As these applications become the focal point in business, unfortunately, there are no hard and fast results about security when it comes to using these apps. Consequently, data breaches occur. 

Application layer attack is one of the most frequent attacks right now. It’s a type of DDoS attack designed for attacking the app itself, focusing on the vulnerabilities or issues in the app, and hence the app fails to deliver content to the user. Since the threats are intensifying, organizations need to reconsider application security. 


Improving Your Organization’s Application Security Posture 

Before you improve your app security, it is important to determine whether you are a target of opportunity or a target of choice. The target of opportunity is breached when the security posture of your business is weaker than the industry average. The target of choice possesses valuable information or reputation which is attractive to the potential attacker.

If you are doing some kind of business on the web, you will be the target of opportunity. Everyone has something valuable which the bad guys are after. Other companies are a target of choice. They have something that the bad guys want such as customer lists, credit card numbers, IPs. This tells how secure you need to be. 

Let’s say you are a target of opportunity, it means you must make sure that is secure than the average business in your industry. On the contrary, if you are a target of choice, you must make yourself secure. You must also prepare for the event of a breach. Have an action plan to minimize the damage in case you are breached. 


Ways to Improve Application Security

IT experts recommend hacking yourself for understanding how an attack would approach your application or website. At the same time, you must determine which vulnerabilities are most prevalent, the average window of exposure, and the type of remediation to be implemented. 

Here are some ways to improve app security:

Apply security to each app component

Analyze each component for determining what security measures are appropriate. For instance, some components require intrusion detection. Others require access control for preventing the non-app components from touching the data elements. 

Automate the installation of security components

This measure is difficult but it’s critical.

The audit, installation, and configuration processes that were acceptable in the past are completely inadequate for the next-gen apps. What’s worse is manual processes are subject to human error.

They might also be bypassed when there’s some urgency or pressure. Automation is a challenge but it ensures that all recommended security measures are implemented consistently. This minimizes the occurrence of loopholes.

Test the security measures

Implementing the security measures is not the end of the story. Another important aspect is to test and inspect the validation of the security measures in place. This is done via penetrating testing to test the security measures in place as well as get feedback on the areas that need improvement. 


Often, it’s difficult to prioritize app security over other revenue-generating and development work. Even if organizations identify serious vulnerabilities in their websites and the apps they use, it’s not a simple decision to fix. But they must decide. If they don’t upgrade security or use security protocols on time, they will lose money for a fact. 

Sit with your team of IT security experts come up with a plan. This will require a lot of thought process and careful decision even more planning than a homeowner would do when he is struggling to buy one of the Spectrum Wi-Fi plans despite a tight budget.

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