MacBreakZ 5.32 MAC OS X Review

MacBreakZ 5.32 MAC OS X
MacBreakZ 5.32 | Mac OS X | 28.6 MB. Do not work so much, do not forget to take breaks
This is lighter than water, no need to say it you but … are you sure that you take your breaks regularly or are the stick “work four hours and it will take me a break then.”
Yes, but the problem is that “later” never comes, you have so much business that you forget and, at best going to smoke a cigarette but … what your joints? Not only is a few steps down the hall but to make key exercises to help you avoid back pain and headaches.
Well here it is, your assistant. It is called MacBrekZ and also to remind the breaks you take, you give directions on how to take advantage. In addition, we advise you to front the PC you adopt an ergonomic position you avoid the carpal tunnel injuries, among other things.

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