Duplicates Expert 4.4 MAC OS X Review

Duplicates Expert 4.4 MAC OS X
Duplicates Expert 4.4
Size: 11.77 MB
It is a new generation class of managers, scanning for similar folders and supporting all external drives. The application scans for in multiple folders at the same time and presents animated chart while scanning. Once files and folders are identified, provides cleanup recommendations. The application provides visual report on scan result with charts by file types. It’s easy to see how much space takes each. Biggest similar folders are displayed on Overview screen, and then you can preview identical and unique files for similar folders.
fast scanning algorithm
scanning for in multiple folders or drives
external drives and mounted network folders support
“Recents” for scanned folders
animated scanning process
files and folders skip list
option to scan hidden folders
Results Overview
visual chart reports
fast cleanup recommendations
biggest similar folders
built-in help tips
similar folders chart
by file type
similar folders
built-in search
preview and quick look for every item
sort (by name, size, total size, type) REMOVING
visual progress bar of selected files for removal
one-click selection of multiple files
smart autoselection
“always select” and “never select” autoselect options
confirmation list of deleted files
moving to Trash or permanent removal option

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