Sketch 44.1 MAC OS X Review

Sketch 44.1 MAC OS X
Sketch 44.1 – Design app for UX/UI for iOS and Web.
Size: 29.08 MB
Sketch is an innovative and fresh look at vector drawing for the Mac. Its intentionally minimalist design is based upon a drawing space of unlimited size and layers, free of palettes, panels, menus, windows, and controls. Though simple to use, it offers powerful vector drawing and text tools like perfect Boolean operations, symbols, and powerful rulers, guides, and grids.
Version 44.1:
New or Improved
The buttons at the top of the Vector and Bitmap editing Inspectors are now using the system style
Distribute and Align buttons are now hidden when they’re not applicable
When creating a Symbol, a new “Symbols” page will no longer be added if there’s already another page containing Symbols in the document
Added controls in the Touch Bar to open or close paths
Symbols and Shared (Text) Styles now show nested menus when swapping via the Inspector, and reveal the menu at the current selection
Improved the alignment of labels and controls in the Inspector
When clicking on one of many selected handles in the vector editor, we now deselect the other ones
Added a keyboard shortcut for opening or closing a path (Option-Command-O)
iOS UI Design Template has been updated with new styles, nested Symbols and improved overrides
Dimensions of the current selection are now taken into account when creating new custom Artboard presets
Improved selection of Artboards on the Canvas; click-and-drag a selection area, and any Artboards fully-contained within the selection will be selected, rather than their contents
Artboards can now be resized by selecting a new size from the list of Artboard presets
Minor performance improvement when dragging layers on the Canvas
Improved how numbers with many digits are displayed in various places within the UI
Added a new option to the Arrange menu to move a layer up in the hierarchy
You can now flatten rounded rectangles and other modified shapes
You can now easily flip an Artboard from Portrait to Landscape orientation
Improved responsiveness of the Welcome to Sketch window
Fixed a bug where the opacity of noise fills couldn’t be changed via their text field
Fixed a bug that caused memory usage to keep increasing gradually over time
Fixed a bug where the Open/Close Path button in the Inspector always displayed “Close Path”
Fixed a bug where the correct panel would not be shown in the Inspector when switching from the vector editor to the Artboard tool
Fixed a bug where duplicating borders or shadows in the Inspector wouldn’t always work
Fixed a bug where an incorrect preview was shown in the Layer List when changing selection in the vector editor
Fixed a bug where selecting “Collapse Artboards and Groups” would still leave some of them open
Fixed a bug where exporting overlapping Artboards would include each other’s content
Fixed a bug where newly inserted layers would snap to hidden objects
Fixed a bug where text layers in Symbol instances would appear blank while editing text within their master
Fixed a bug where overrides in complex Symbols wouldn’t always behave as expected
Fixed a bug where copying and pasting Symbol instances could duplicate their master
Fixed a bug where tabbing through text fields in the color picker wouldn’t go in the expected order
Fixed a bug where the export preset preferences would scroll before it was necessary
Fixed a rare bug where Undo would stop working
Fixed a bug where undoing changes in the color picker wouldn’t work as expected
Fixed a bug where closing a path would also exit vector editing mode
Fixed a bug where closing a vector path could leave parts from the shape outside the selection bounds
Fixed a bug where text layers using multiple typefaces wouldn’t be displayed correctly in the Inspector
Fixed a bug where the “Resize to Fit” action wouldn’t ignore hidden layers in Artboards
Fixed a bug where the macOS color picker wouldn’t apply colors instantly
Fixed a bug where a shape’s border could be cropped when creating an Artboard around it
Fixed a bug where a layer’s fill color could change if its shadow color was adjusted using the keyboard
Fixed a bug where the “Reduce Image Size” action wouldn’t work for image fills
Fixed a bug where unexpected artefacts in the Canvas could be shown while in vector editing mode
Fixed a bug where resizing multiple Artboards at once could misplace their contents
Fixed a bug where click-through could be enabled for random groups
Fixed a bug where export formats wouldn’t always be removed from a preset properly
Fixed a bug where pressing the Command key while resizing wouldn’t always ignore Smart Guides
Fixed a bug where exports wouldn’t be sized correctly when using the ‘w’ or ‘h’ suffix
Fixed a bug where a remaining export preset wouldn’t be set as the new default after deleting the current default preset
Fixed a bug where group bounds wouldn’t update after nudging layers with the keyboard
Fixed a bug where previews of Symbols containing large borders could be clipped
Fixed a bug that could occur when adding or editing export presets
Fixed a bug where closed paths would reopen when using Layer › Path › Reverse Order
Fixed a bug where selecting to export the entire Canvas would create a slice without any export sizes set
Fixed a bug where underlines couldn’t be removed from underlined text
OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor

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