Millumin 218 a.m. MAC OS X Review

Millumin 218 a.m. MAC OS X
Millumin 2:18 a.m. | Mac OS X | 37.6 MB. Millumin helps you integrate video in theaters, dance shows or assignments. Millumin 2 is a MacOS application to create audiovisual shows. It is designed for theater, videomapping and interactive installation.
Developments in Millumin 2:
– Sequence with states, transitions and timelines segmented
– Easily adapt their allocation video, use the After Effects plugin
– Design light plots, then handles your DMX on stage
– Use mapping LED to turn your pixel lights
– Create interactions for TouchOSC, Kinect, Arduino ™, Leap Motion, …
– Multi-screen, horizontal and vertical soft edge
– Send MIDI / OSC / DMX signals through a data track
– Connect your devices and Siphon applications through our SDK and
system Requirements:
– Millumin V2 requires Mavericks OSX 10.9 (or higher).
– Millumin V2 is only 64 bits.
– Millumin mainly uses the graphics card, so the best graphics card, the best performance:
– A model with a dedicated graphics card (GeForce or AMD, not just Intel).

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