CleanUSBDrive 1.5.1 MAC OS X Review

CleanUSBDrive 1.5.1 MAC OS X | Mac OS X | 16 MB. Faster Remover DSStore for external drives. CleanUSBDrive is a utility to expel any external drive delete files that you do not want to see on your SmartTV media in the browser, for example. Clean all units trash before ejecting system with very high performance.

*** You only need 2 clicks for cleaning and removal of the selected drive !!! ***

1. Click on the status bar of the application icon to display the menu.

2. Click on the name of the unit to clean and eject.


– Simple and fast.

– The very minimalist design.

– Status bar application.

– Remove .DSStore, .AppleDouble, Thumbs.db, .Trashes, .Spotlight, .TemporaryItems files and many other types of (Fully configurable) annoying files.

– Select what type of files you want to delete.

– Unit ejection automatically after cleaning.

– Works with any external (USB, Thunderbolt, FireWire …) unit.

– Implementation of the option to login.

– Progress bar.


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