Synthetik Studio Artist 5.0 MAC OS X Review

Synthetik Studio Artist 5.0 MAC OS X
Synthetik Studio Artist 5.0 | Mac OS X | | 1.27 Gb. Studio Artist is the first and only software program that can paint, draw and automatically rotoscope. Studio Artist examines a source image or video and then render again from scratch in the style you choose, either automatically or interactively with just two simple steps. Choose a preset Automatic Paint and press the action or select a preset assisted paint and let Studio Artist help you guide your drawing. You can also paint or draw manually with Studio Artist.
Main features
Automatic painting
Automatic rotoscoping
Image Effects Suite
EFX Photomosaic
Exhibition Gallery
deformation Morphing
Particles of time
Keyframe animation
Thousands of Presets
evolution MSG
Action sequence Paint
Live Performance
Real-time editing
Time-based effects
full support for Wacom


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