ArtRage 5.0.4 MAC OS X Review

ArtRage 5.0.4 MAC OS X
ArtRage 5.0.4
Size: 110 MB
ArtRage gives you a range of artistic tools such as oil paints, pencils, and felt pens that look and feel like their real world counterparts so you can get right down to painting without having to learn how they work.
You can create your own artwork from scratch, import photos as tracing images to guide your art, and even pin images to your canvas for reference as you paint, as well as take advantage of many professional digital editing features and customizable tools.
ArtRage is also available as iOS and Android apps, as well as a Lite version for Windows and macOS. Desktop licences for Lite and ArtRage 5 cover both platforms. For more information visit the ArtRage homepage.
Contains all the features of ArtRage 3 Studio Pro and ArtRage 4
Custom brushes (create your own custom digital brush)
Docking and lights out interface modes
Customizable perspective (one- and two-point, transform paint to match perspective)
Layer effects (e.g., drop shadow, glow, emboss)
Warp (liquefy) filter
Remove color matter filter (easily delete white backgrounds)
Improved color sampling options (select from an area, select by hue, luminance, saturation, metallic)
Improved fill tool (fill neatly to border, slow motion, ignore gaps)
Improved pencil and pastel tools (natural noise effect)
Improved performance
Multiple documents
What’s New
Version 5.0.4:
Note: Now requires a 64-bit Intel processor
Adjusted transform operations in scripts to correct problems with transformed content offset on playback
Cancelling layer texture edits no longer produces an erroneous ‘handled’ error popup
Adjusted menu bar layout to reduce instances of overlapped items
Made some changes to PSD text layer import to fix problems after changes to the internal text format of the file type
Adjusted fill to correct some opacity issues and improve speed
Guides are now placed correctly when playing back a script at greater than 100% size
Fixed a bug that prevented Recent Files after the 10th one in the list from working
Adjusted tap and hold right click helpers to allow functionality in the grips of the corner roundels in Classic mode
Adjusted positioning for corner panels so that they remember their last dropped location when torn off a second time
Corrected some English strings in the French localisation

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