Cold Turkey Blocker Pro 3.0.4 MAC OS X Review

Cold Turkey Blocker Pro 3.0.4 MAC OS X
Cold Turkey Blocker Pro 3.0.4
Size: 9.19 MB
It is a distraction-blocking apps, an might just be one of the cruelest. It allows you to block websites and apps at scheduled times and, when those hours come along, you’re stuck with those settings. The fundamental problem with every distraction blocker is that you can usually circumvent them just as easily as you set them up.
On the other hand, promises that you can’t kill it via the task manager, uninstall it while it’s running, or change your system time to get around it. While there is a worst-case scenario removal tool, hopefully your lack of self-control won’t get that bad. If you’re someone who is bedtime challenged (college student, entrepreneur, night owl), this is a particularly useful feature. It is also useful if you tend to make ill-advised eBay purchases or Tweets in the middle of the night. Cold Turkey has a slick interface which makes it easy to schedule focus sessions. It may be aimed primarily toward young adults and college students, but it could be useful to anyone trying to restrict their computer time
Highly Customizable
Cold Turkey was designed to have lots of features. You can set it to block anything from a specific webpage to the entire Internet. You can also allow exceptions, block applications, or even use it to lock yourself out of your computer!
Difficult to Circumvent
One of the main reasons people use is because you can lock in your settings. Locking your settings guarantees that you’ll follow through with your goals. It’s not for everyone, but it can be useful when the “going gets tough!”
Downloaded 420,000+ times
It is used by students, freelancers, writers, developers, and others that want to be more productive with their time. Many people feel that Cold Turkey has helped them be more productive, in fact, 97% of Cold Turkey Pro customers did or would recommend it to a friend.
Distraction Motivation
When blocks a website, you’ll see a nice motivational message to remind you that you should be working.
Block Websites
Easily block an unlimited number of websites. You can create up to six different block lists for different occasions! In the macOS version, you even have the ability to block certain parts of websites! This feature is coming to the Windows version shortly.
White Listing
Need to block everything except for a few sites? No problem. Just add sites in the exception tab to allow them. You can block the entire Internet by adding: *.* to the block list.
Block Applications
Not all distractions are online. You can use to block anything from games to email clients.
Schedule Blocks
Easily create a weekly schedule that you can stick to. You can lock the schedule until a certain point in time to prevent yourself from making changes.
Allow Breaks
You don’t have to go! The app will still let you schedule breaks between work periods to help you recharge.

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