VSCO Film Pack 01-07 MAC OS X Review

VSCO Film Pack 01-07 MAC OS X | 1.3 GB for Lightroom Photoshop (Updated 05.2017) It includes new camera profiles
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The Film VSCO presets are based on individual profiles of the camera. If you want, for example, recreate the look of Polaroid, Fuji or other types of film in a different way from the standard application of the general changes in each photo, then this software is the only thing you should lend attention.

VSCO film presets specifically designed for Fuji, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Leica cameras (you choose the camera you use to apply effects according to its type).

VSCO film emulations beautiful films consumer consumer market 20 years ago. Based on the above film bags VSCO, the set Archetype Films represents the best digital emulation have been to date, and is the epitome of stocks of nostalgic films, the golden age of analog camera. For example, it can reduce the sharpness and tonal contrast, the effect of using old lenses, add a different shade and add bullets of various types.

Presets work with cameras from other manufacturers (see official site)

It includes:

VSCO Film 1

VSCO Film 2

VSCO Film 3

VSCO Film 4

VSCO Film 5

VSCO Film 6

VSCO Film 7

Includes New Camera Profiles requires:


Adobe Camera Raw 7 and 9 *

Adobe Lightroom 4.5 and 6 *

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