Paragon ExtFS 11.0.278 MAC OS X Review

Paragon ExtFS 11.0.278 MAC OS X
Paragon ExtFS 11.0.278 | Mac OS X | 22.6 MB. Full read and write access to partitions Ext2 / 3/4 under Mac OS X
Paragon ExtFS for Mac is a driver file systems low level specially developed to address the incompatibility between file systems Linux and Mac, providing full access read and write to ext2 / 3/4 files under Mac OS X.
Overcome communication barriers between a hard disk formatted in Mac OS X and Linux fomateados
Share data and transfer files more easily
Autoload Ext2 volumes / 3/4
Check and repair volumes Ext2 / 3/4 and create / format volumes Ext2 / 3/4

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